At Home Skills Challenge

UpdatedThursday April 16, 2020 byMike Rugnetta.

Corona Virus At Home Skills

Mastering the ball is the most important part of the game.  Being comfortable with the ball at your feet and being able to make it do what you want will allow the other parts of the game to happen much easier.  The attached video link is 8 minutes long, and can ge done inside or outside.

To qualify for recognition and awards, depending on what level you are playing at in WYS, the below guide is the minimum number of times per week it needs to be done.  Players are on the honor system to do the workout and then record their results on the SignUpGenius link provided in a separate email.

Rec players 2x per week

Travel players 3x per week

WUFC players 4x per week

Perform the 10 skills in the video each day.  It will take 10 minutes each day

10 skills, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest per move.

Use the link that will come in the SignUpGenius email to log each day you complete the skills.

We will keep track of all the activity and display the leader board in social media.